Bombay trip Feb ’17

Day 1:

As usual, packed the laptop for the trip because of the work I took up. I hoped to finish it sooner and actually managed this week’s time better than I have been in the last two years, but such large changes cannot be overnight or in my case, not even over a week. 

Atch and I settled on our comfortable train 3-tier AC coach berths, had hot hot railway station idly vada for breakfast at 6 am, as soon as we stepped into the train. I slept through the morning and woke up to the rotis packed last night. Then, helped Atch with his typing work (as his hands hurt from too much typing). In the evening, we had the Dharwad peda, another sweet called kunda, and hot vadas with yummy chutney near Belgaum. 

Then a nap. 

By 7 pm, the impending doom of a deadline hit me, and I struggled a bit to get to the job and focus. The breaks in between, looking out of the window at the rising red crescent, while listening to youthful nostalgic music was soothing. 

I almost finished the work by 2 am, when the laptop–perhaps only its touch pad–started giving up, and I sent in the 80% for work and informed the client that this assignment would be gratis. 

The relief I felt when this happened, in addition to the stress I feel regarding work these days, tells me that this is not a full-time prospect for me anymore. 

After breathing easy from the abrupt end to the long night of work, I slept to the peaceful tune of Aye Sinamika (from OK Kanmani) on repeat. 

Day 2 morning: 

Now up at 5 am, then made Atch lie on my lap for a while to feel each other’s warmth (yes, all on an Indian railways train berth), and waiting for Dadar station as the train enters the magical city I have always loved: Bombay. 

Let me rest my eyes my looking at the beauty that this city is (despite the tremendous trash, yes!). 


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