Personal (and Professional) Lessons from January 2017

The month started out fresh from the December leisurely trip to Hyderabad, which was mainly me and loved ones hanging out at The Coffee Cup, Kim Fung, and multiple Irani cafes and biryani places. And January began with many promises, especially given how 2015 and 2016 have been—it couldn’t get worse. Also, I have this beautiful habit (no sarcasm!) of gathering many things, which tend to come in handy later, like my four daily-thought calendars that I bought in 2016 but could use only in 2017.

A time and place for everything; that’s one lesson.

I began to learn about the power of not only positive but also productive thinking.

And I have made many mistakes and several big blunders, mostly the same as ever. But I’ve done these in the midst of very simple, little new attempts (e.g., basic cleaning, going slightly greener, dumbbell bicep curls everyday, yay!, healthy home-cooked meals at least 4/7 days a week). The biggest guilt: by taking up new and more challenging assignments at work, I realize all the more how I get carried away strongly by Facebook, under the disguise of activism, even when what’s happening in the name of that is just mudslinging. This coupled with my poor working habits on regular assignments so far as well as the several pending tasks, leading to very poor work output.

And why is it that I get nothing at all or everything else done, when there is an urgent and more important task?

Source: someecards

Procrastination, that’s why.


Yeppp, this is one thing that needs to be urgently addressed regarding my work style.

Guilt 2: I should have at least communicated to the client properly; I did not respond quickly because I have been underestimating my deadline statuses with them for all the reasons mentioned as well as theirs being a challenging assignment; and updating them regularly on the same seemed repetitively difficult. These are long-standing problems.


Realization 1: So January has taught me how not only picking up new habits but also exercising strong will to break the bad old ones is essential. Realization 2: Facebook to me is not relaxing but often an energy-sucking activity, perhaps because of my so-called activism as well as the minimal control I have there. Also, like another Facebook friend and on-ground activist has shared, it’s time for solutions based on real-world work, not online personal posts anymore. Realization 3: Editing full-time is boring. I need new occupations and passions. So this misdemeanor of mine has also taught me that it is time I think of switching from this field. Realization 4: Like another activist-friend pointed out, emails help time-management in small-group communication, as opposed to FB conversations.

AND to partly reiterate,…

Achievement 1: A healthier sleep routine.

Achievements 2, 3: The four thought-for-the-day calendars and dumbbell bicep curl routine.

Achievement 4: Whistling, a hobby I have picked up properly this month, has improved; I am able to maintain 10-second tunes of Ilayaraja pretty well ^~^

Achievements 5, 6: Following my to-do lists and mailing a good friend regularly.

All these may seem too simplistic to note, but such is life for me these years. Similar to how this is not passable writing by my regular standards: I need to simply jot, to be able to gain some clarity, without having to focus too much on the readability.

Therefore, I need to quit Facebook except for serious, pointed, productive social networking and to keep in touch with friends; focus much more on building a healthy, fulfilling routine; and ensure that work (including my editing blocks, and finding new passions and better work) flows well.

It’s a relatively positive note I end on:

Source: Life, Indigo and Senior quotes on Pinterest

Especially if the things we leave are what we have tried to hold onto but couldn’t.

Here’s to me whistling, emailing, and blogging through a more disciplined and productive Feb 2017!

Featured image source: The struggle of dealing with writer’s block.

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