On first learning to strive

My Buddha thought-for-the-day calendar once said, “Chaos is inherent in all compounded things; strive on with diligence.” While I have been rather chaotic especially after flying away from under my mother’s wing, I have just, at 28, learnt the importance of diligence and industriousness in all aspects of life–starting from brushing the teeth, cooking healthy meals, to maintaining good relationships and workflow.

When someone like me, so chaotic at the core and deeply so in habits, begins to adopt some order, even at the smallest level, things may seem to go hazier and uncontrollable. And that’s where the challenge lies, and here’s where diligence is much needed.

Today, after many months or probably years, I walked up to terrace to watch both the sunrise and the sunset (what I call sunduet, when coupled). I also made my first “mind map” of finishing my much-pending job (and going full speed at it), and even at 12:06 am and three more hours of work, I feel very relaxed, confident, and sorted. (Drastically reducing online browsing was a key input in the mind map.)

Order is good!

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