Things I am thankful for 

In no order, just what is on my mind. Updated with time 🙂


1. Sunlight

2. Sunrises

3. Sunsets

4. Plants

5. Aromatherapy

6. Pretty fonts


8. British sketch shows (Mitchell and Webb, Armstrong and Miller)

9. Beer

10. 70s, 80s rock, especially British

11. Stovetop espresso

12. ATCH

13. That everything turns to dust. After a point, the ever-pending cleaning gets easier.

14. Great preloved goods markets

15. James Blake’s music helping me relax and sleep

16. The sketch book on my phone

17. People who concur that happiness comes before ambition

18. The fact that I don’t have to struggle most of my life and dream of relaxing only after retirement. Besides having an ok-paying work-from-home  job, this is also because I keep reminding myself that life is limited and I’m the most important person to myself, responsibilities often come second.

19. This wordpress blog 🙂

20. My daily thought-for-the-day calendars.

21. Having had an incredibly strong mother. And still learning from her.

22. Bacon

23. Thoran (kerala dish)

24. Atch  cooking the best thoran

25. The magic of a hot shower with heavenly fragrance.

26. Baking soda and vinegar – nontoxic, affordable, effective cleaning.

27. The fact that Modern Family has Cameron and Gloria, and that it’s packaged perfectly, at about 22 minutes each episode.


28. That some hot chocolate tastes good with water too.

29. Millet flakes being yumm and going with chocolate powder.


30. Indian railway journeys 

31. The effect of music on boring train journeys 


32. The fact that Atch and I have jobs that help is focus on our personal interests too, through the time flexibility the provide. 


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