Snippets on self-discipline – Background

I’ve not known a shabbier person than myself. I also seem to get exhausted as well as distracted easily most probably from my baggage, habit of negativity, and just habits.

But I’ve been trying to change this, and I can’t see myself needing anything more urgently right now. So I devote or rather rescue-call myself to fix my routine, head, and life.

And I’ve been trying and failing to even try, but that’s much more than what I’m used to. And (in case you don’t know), I try to embrace positivity now.

Oh, and while I was posting the link, a related post showed up introducing me to why productive thinking, not merely being positive, is key. Oh I love the Internet!

So here’s to a more positive, productive self, through discipline, a very distant relative I’ve never treated well, but he does shake my hands warmly when I extend them. *clink* 🙂



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