Learning from an epiphany – positive thinking 

Day 1 after last night’s epiphany was a welcome change. Maintaining positive thought required effort but the outputs were real and rewarding. Earlier, letting negativity rule over my regular thoughts only left me feeling more burdened about the smallest things.

For the first time in months, I felt good cleaning up the house a bit, not bogged down. And picked up the hoop after over a year. AND the dumbbell was a first ever. A few minutes of each, but kaizen. 🙂

Of course, occasional self appreciation and relaxation was important to keep it going. And often falter, I did. But the micro-lessons I received from today’s experience of wilfully thinking that I can do these little things easily and that I am moving towards actualizing myself gave me a good kick.

Having a comfortable job and no serious responsibilities right now are my privileges. And I repeat, of course, having Atch is awesome.

So I’m finally moving towards good change, however small.

The sketch you see is a design for a fabric, preferably a saree or a stole, that quickly came to my mind last night after the day-long sojourn of being mesmerised by the surprising aesthetics of the second-hand shopping I’ve been doing online.

Now onto some cucumber slices to cool my eyes for a while, as James Blake sings me to sleep.




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