Second-hand but fresh joy

I love the availability of second-hand stuff in Indian apps, especially in bangalore city. While all the furniture we bought and got, even as newly weds, is used, ‘unboxed’, or handed down, I recently discovered the joy of buying second hand but good-quality clothes online.

I have used only one app so far, and although I haven’t received anything since the last week, when I first placed an order through it, I’ve already made 10 other purchases. I don’t regret most of these; I wish I could have known to bargain harder right from the start. But a learning curve for a novice like me.

Madly in love with the sheer variety of the striped, floral, Boho, solid colored pre-loved stuff available for a few hundreds, sometimes 70% less expensive than the MRP. I’m getting to know fashion and liking it!

It’s a welcome trend in the consumerist world that is modern urban India, although people seem to still shell out exorbitant sums for brands and not to the tailors and craftsmen. Also, does an increasing second hand market mean the first-hand buyers would buy more of the overly priced stuff, given that they can easily sell the stuff for seconds?


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