Note to self – positivity 

From over a decade of conscious experience and numerous repetitive mistakes, I realise that positivity is the only way forward. And no, positivity is not merely a self-help scheme/scam.

It’s that little light in me that helps me make to-do lists even after literally a thousand days of zero will or action to follow them. And I need much more of that light, and that too goes into the list. Thanks to the long list, I still have something to go back to. Despite all the negativity that I’ve been letting feed off itself (mostly unknowingly), that little light in me is shining on this mirror of a to-do list, the various things that can be accomplished to make life more fulfilling.

As a negative, self-doubting, wannabe nihilist who, deep down, loves myself, I focus on this new path to change myself fundamentally. 🙂



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