Bodily pain relief therapy

Last week saw severe period pains, followed by headache from sleeplessness due to last-minute work. Every awake moment since years, I’ve been telling myself that I must stop this and embrace healthy routine. But my messed up head wins.

Because I’m obviously a person seeking instant gratification, apart from choosing to pamper myself through online second-hand shopping, I chose to get a massage as well. It was at a nice, no-frills place in Bangalore. My first Swedish massage. Atch and our visiting sis also got theirs on the unusually quaint Sunday. I grabbed the 50% year-long discount through membership too. No guilt! Will put it to proper use; each full-bodied massage post discount comes to about Rs. 1,000. Good job, bee!

Also, was treated to Italian brunch buffet by dad. I’m spoilt!

Also, it’s funny how I forget how awesome the hotbag is when I’m cramping. Is my brain slowing down because I’m this spoilt? Dad, who sometimes has perfect answers, says it’s because I’m not getting any sunshine or exercise. Yet another to-do for my easy life that I put on hold…


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