New Year cliché 

I can’t tell how much the last year sucked. But I can’t thank enough those who stood by me.. My dearest mother, even though not mortally, was very much in my every vein and step. My loving partner has been my rock.

Partner (let’s call him Atch) made me realise that we took as many as twenty trips.. Yes, all of TWENTY and some more, last year! Most of them were intended escapes from the reality of losing mom and everything this city reminds me of her, mostly unpleasantly.

While I keep complaining about how life sucks and how everything has worsened–my memory, health, lifestyle, to name a few–Atch reminds me how we have done what we usually would think impossible. Simply getting away and making memories of places. Mostly urban and townsy trips, often over the weekend.. Each reminding me that there still is so much to see, within and without.

All the goodies and food that Atch has helped me indulge in have also helped. And the few friends, old and new. It’s not bad at all, after all! So this new year, when I look back at how miserable I was most of the last, I thank my lucky stars for giving me these people and memories to cherish.

There’s nothing I must do more urgently than become a good version of myself. And that starts with all the junk I must get rid of.. Items and habits. 🙂
To a new year and new hopes.



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