Dear Diary {17-12-16}

If you can’t do anything else, try clearing your inbox. I slept through the day and not the night because of my poor habits as usual, ordered in a pizza, ate hardly healthy, all of which being my long-standing poor habits are largely why I feel sluggish and often in pain (back, abdomen, joints mainly). While these daily habits were unbeaten today as well, I was first frustrated with the Facebook saturation and deactivated it (and will keep it so for one month, which is a first for a hardcore FB addict like me, starting 2009!). That threshold change cascaded me to delete 13,000 odd (you read that right) unread and unnecessary emails from my primary account. And that motivated me to do a weeny bit of the pending gargantuan housecleaning.

So I see this is how it works. The snowball effect!

And for the abdominal pain (which my phobia of docs leaves me with no clear cause – an infection, looks like), I quickly chewed five cloves of raw garlic, followed by raw honey. Notable change in a minute! Now sipping the third mug of green tea (with some cinnamon; I must remember to add this often) before I go to bed. Hope to be up by 12:30 pm. Got close to a month’s cleaning to do!

Oh BTW I rewatched “Her” tonight. I love movies that make us wonder about the human condition, especially interspersed with technology. And rewatching movies with depth. 🙂



Featured image artist: John Hoyland


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