Letting free online personality tests speak for me

To avoid being vociferous while introducing myself, I use some popular personality test results as substitutes. While everything in this world can be contested, more so 20th century psychology and its tests, let these be a starting point, with a good dose of salt.

About five years ago, I took a free online test (on 16personalities.com?) based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and remember getting an E___ (ENTP? ENFP? ENTJ?). I was not at all surprised by the E bit as I thought being a motormouth = extroversion. I still don’t thoroughly understand how different schools of psychology treat E and I (definitively or subjectively). And the rest of the personality traits and the 16 combinations were and are still too confusing for me. I guess I don’t see how introverted sensing can be defined, for example. Then, the presence of dominant and passive traits don’t make it easier!

Cut to today, where I dug two free sites highly recommended by Quorans. keys2cognition.com (by Dr. Dario Nandi) says I’m an EN…NO! INFP!! Well, I have become more mellow and withdrawn from the society (EDIT: rather, social physical presence) over the years, surely. And I’ve had many ah-ha! moments to myself and increasingly felt that I should keep certain things to myself, unlike seldom before. I don’t pine to be understood, though – if I need to be, I’m very communicative.

And back to the test, here are the detailed results:

Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
extraverted Sensing (Se)  ****************************  (28.8)
average use
introverted Sensing (Si)  *********************************  (33.7)
good use
extraverted Intuiting (Ne)  ******************************  (30.7)
good use
introverted Intuiting (Ni)  *********************************  (33.7)
good use
extraverted Thinking (Te)  ******************  (18.6)
limited use
introverted Thinking (Ti)  ************************  (24.7)
average use
extraverted Feeling (Fe)  *******************************  (31.8)
good use
introverted Feeling (Fi)  *************************************  (37.8)

Next, similarminds.com labels me an INTP, with the T and F traits being very close:

Introverted (I) 51% Extroverted (E) 46%
Intuitive (N) 51% Sensing (S) 33%
Thinking (T) 37% Feeling (F) 33%
Perceiving (P) 57% Judging (J) 19%

It does feel good that I could be a balanced thinker-feeler.

Will update the results from 16personalities.com after I catch some sleep.

Update: 15/12/16, two days later

…And I’m an INFP here as well, and a highly turbulent (T) one at that, as opposed to assertive (A):

Personality type: “The Mediator” (INFP-T)
Individual traits: Introverted – 65%, Intuitive – 84%, Feeling – 63%, Prospecting – 95%, Turbulent – 73%.
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement

While I’m way too turbulent for my liking, my strategy suggests that I can become more assertive if I work on it. In the two since before this update, I’ve been thinking about these results (while putting the test on my plate with a generous helping of salt, remember!), quite a bit of which makes more sense when I think of my feelings and behavior even from the past. And oh, while I have not pasted it here, the first test calls the INFP a “catalyst,” which I am very happy to be.

A quick web-browsing (because I would like to read the theory from scratch later, as usual you see since I’m always very very tired from just thinking) suggests that each individual’s “personality” is rather hardwired but can be modified to a certain extent owing to the environment and will to change. While I may never become my supreme ideals, it is definitely helpful to know where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

On to becoming a better version of myself … Thank you for taking a peek into this journey. 🙂


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