Finally, my personal journal!

<Yaaauwwn! Gentle-slaps face to stay awake>

Ideally, I should have written this first post last night, but hey, I spent about half-an-hour creating the blog, choosing the right wording and layout, because the diary – especially the first sincere one of a 28-year old – needs a well-thought-out presentation of the true self.

At the beginning of this life-changing endeavour of journaling for  clarity and resolution, I must talk about endings. Being a life-long hopeless procrastinator but still a hopeful thinker, I do get the occasional push at the end of, say, a year to give purpose to time, which is ever-passing. Without beating myself up too much for what could have been as well as moving away from the nihilist (lack of) spirit that does not yield anything for my hopeful side (except entertain it with memes), I start this much-awaited journey that has finally transpired through my fleeting but lucid thoughts, with a cheer. Not with a poem for the toast to the occasion, as I haven’t yet read enough to find something that suits it. 🙂

To more manifestations to the many thoughts, interesting mistakes, documented introspection, and eventual self-actualization.

Go Bee!

Featured image source: Kelly Rae Roberts



  1. Yes ,we write to live.What would our lives be without words ? Wishing you all the best on your journey.You have a magical world where you will find tremendous support and encouragement from fellow bloggers .May it bring joy,fulfilment and completeness during its course.


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